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Sharks are not mean
Dominic Discipline
Anthony Enzo Graz-uh-ani
Say it Proud
Don't Say Shuh-up
Drinking Problems
Bye Ball
Vroom Vroom
Engine Turtles?
Engine Turtles
Guy Hug
Lil' Gearhead

Lia Jeanne
Dominic Alexander
Anthony Enzo
Graziani Kids 2009
Mommy 2009
Mommy and Daddy 2009


The video above is a clip of the stars watching the very movies you are about to view.  As you can tell, they think their movies are great.
Way back in 2004, the original baby graz web site contained movies.  Due to storage constraints, they had to be pulled from the site.  So, after much anticipation, the movies are returning, although in much smaller snippets this time.  I promise they will be worth it though. Just funny, cute, entertaining little clips of our lives.   There will be links wherever it makes sense in the blog as well as links to all of the clips in the gray box to the right.  I'll try to keep them all small enough that they should be viewable within seconds, so no significant download times for anyone with a dial-up connection.  Scroll down to view them on this page, or you can click the links in the right column to open individually or download them to your computer by right clicking the link and choose "Save to Disk..." or "Save file...".  

The only thing that is required is Apple Quicktime, which is a free download if you don't already have it.   

Click the logo below to get Quicktime.   


Sharks are not mean...
After struggling with an internal debate all his life, Anthony comes to the stark realization that despite the potential danger that some animals may pose, they are still a part of the delicate balance in nature and also...they're not mean. 

"2 big thumbs up!". 
-- Roger Ebert

Anthony Disciplines Dominic
Dom does something he shouldn't and big brother/parent, Anthony, steps in to suggest a course of action for his discipline. 

"Riveting...  utterly suspenseful...  Dominic Graziani's performance is Oscar worthy..." 
-- L.A. Times

What's Your Name, Anthony?
Just like it says...Anthony is asked his name.

What's Your Name, Anthony? Part II 
When asked to repeat his name, Anthony becomes aggravated.  The sequel is rarely better than the original.   

Dominator likes his bubble baths.  One of his favorite and few words. 

Don't say shu'p!
After learning the hard way, Anthony has now become an advocate for the cause.  You don't realize how often it is said on TV and in public until your 3 year old sponge of a child turns on his bad-word-detecting ears. 

Drinking Problems
2 different methods of extracting fluid from a semi-sealed container.  18 month old method:  Shake until it dribbles out all over you. 
3 year old method:  Slurp, slurp slurp (listen carefully at the beginning of the clip). 

Bye, Ball
When told to say good night, then asked what he wants to take to sleep with him.  It's his most valued possession in the world, his soft Cubs baseball. 

-- Poughkeepsie Post

Vroom, Vroom
Daddy's "Vroom Vroom", just back from the "Mustang Doctor"

Engine Turtles?
Yet another masterful piece of advertising to children.  Not having a clue what a Ninja Turtle is (does anyone really know what it is?), Anthony already must see the movie. 

Engine Turtles
We just like the way he says it.  It deserved a sequel. 

Funny Faces
What does a 3 year old do when he can see his image on the LCD screen of a camera while being filmed?  Watch and see.  This is a much edited version of a much longer original feature length film.  Seriously, he sat there for a long while making faces at the camera.   

"Best comedy of the year so far" 
-- Chicago Tribune

Guy Hug
Did I mention Anthony is a virtual sponge?  I was kidding around one day and asked Anthony for a hug, then proceeded to pat his back and explain that it was a "guy hug" and it just stuck. 

The default statement when a camera is pointed his direction. 

Out for a drive in the Mustang. 

Lil' Gearhead
Just the part with Dominic behind the wheel. 

Released into the wild after months indoors.

Cheesy Dominic
He picked up on the "cheese" every time a camera ia pointed at him, too. 

Goose Hunter
Coming soon to a forest preserve near you.