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Blog - July 2012

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July 16, 2012    

Anthony:  Pictures!  We've added a bunch of pictures from the past couple of months.   Everything from my last baseball game, our trip to St. Louis, Lia's ballet recital, and our trip to the Wilderness is in the June album.  Then the 4th of July festivities and our trip to Kentucky are in the July album. 

Dominic: So, the Pirates were in first place through the All Star Break but have just slipped to a half game behind my other favorite team, the Reds.  That's still quite a feat for a team with the 5th lowest payroll in Major League Baseball.  Compare that to the Cubs with a nearly $26 million more in their payroll and where are they?  I'm pretty informed for a 6 year old, aren't I? 

Lia:  I say so much on a minute to minute basis that I can't say anything more today. 


July 10, 2012   

Anthony:  Hi Grandma!  Thanks for checking our blog.  I know we say this a lot but, seriously, where does the time go?  July 10th?  Really?  We're in our 5th week of camp already.  Dominic finished soccer with a minor injury after many goal-filled games and I finished baseball with one final hit and my debut on the mound as a pitcher. 

:  What have I been up to these past couple of months?  Well, I had my first ballet recital and my brothers fought in the hallway of the theater after it.  Umm....I've gone on a few field trips this summer to pools and Wild West Town.  We went to the Wilderness again.  How could we forget that?!?!  It was great, as always.  Many water slides, lazy rivers, and splashy things...  Oh, and Mommy got poison in her eye and we all thought she was going to go blind for a few minutes.  You know...standard stuff. 

: We have done a lot lately.  Most recently, we visited our family in Kentucky.  It was just as hot as it was last week in Chicago.  We went to a festival and rode lots of rides...almost too many.  Before that, our Nana and Papa visited and spent a few very hot days together, including the 4th of July.  We'll have to add pictures to the past couple of months' albums and add the links here, soon.  Stay tuned...

Oh, and, by the way, over 5 years later, my Pirates fandom is paying off.  First place int he NL Central at the All Star break!  Woo hoo!