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Blog - April 2012

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April 16, 2012   

Dominic:   I had my first soccer game yesterday and it was AWESOME!  I started in the goal on defense and allowed a goal, but I made up with it by scoring 3, yes THREE goals myself for my team.  A hat trick in the season opener.  I have my own goal celebration routine and everything with a Tiger Woods-like fist pump followed by a Rocky-esque arms raised run back down the field.  I was a monster.  Daddy had to tell me to pass to my teammates after my first 2 goals to give them a chance, and he said something about toning down the celebration for some reason.  I couldn't help that they couldn't score, too. 

From April 2012

Saturday night I got to see my beloved Blackhawks win in overtime.  Mommy and Daddy woke me up at midnight to watch the overtime period.  It was a great finish.  My favorite player, Toews, of course, score in the first period, but I missed that part.  I did get to see them win, though, which is all that matters. 

On a somewhat sad note, Daddy informed us that the Chicago Express aren't going to play hockey anymore.  He said it was because not enough people went to their games or something.  I don't know why.  We loved the games, and the Trax Town area down by the ice.  We'll miss them next year.  At least we have the Chicago Slaughter football team to watch at the Sears Centre.      That should be fun. 

Anthony:  I had a few baseball practices this past week.  There were 4 practices scheduled, but one got rained out.  I have my good days and my bad days, but the one really bad practice was on a Friday night, so I was tired.  I really like to hit the ball, of course, and I can hit pretty well. Fielding on the other hand is really hard.  Daddy told me baseball needs a lot of practice.  I am starting to believe him.  If I can harness my size I think I'll be better.  It's still early and a long baseball season ahead of me.  So, time will tell. 

We had a pretty busy weekend, really.  Baseball practices, Dom's hockey, ballet for Lia, Uncle Shawn, Bella, and Fabi and her boys all came over for a sleepover and fire pit.  Fabi cooked for us.  Daddy made drinks...for the adults.  Then Dom's soccer game...and some roller blading somewhere in between all of that.  Yeah, it was a busy weekend.  Whew!

From April 2012

Lia:  We flew a kite today!  It was really windy.  Mommy went to the Bulls game with people she works with, so Daddy picked us up from school and took us to get hot dogs and to fly a kite in the park.  I was scared of the forest near the park at first for some reason, but then, when I saw how high the kite flew, I had so much fun.  Daddy even let me hold the string and fly it myself.  He said the number one rule in flying a kite is to NEVER LET GO!  I didn't.   

From April 2012

April 3, 2012   

Anthony:  The only bad part about vacations is that they end too soon.  Granted, our recent Spring Break trip to the Wilderness was only for a night, and 2 full days, but it was a very tiring 2 days.  We rode more water slides than ever before.  I even went on the Black Hole by myself.  On another note, I started baseball practice when we got back from break.  I had 2 practices this past weekend.   Both were pretty cold.  I thought baseball was a summer sport? 

Dominic:  I went on the body slides at least 100 times at the Wilderness.  I just kept running up, then down the slide, then up, then down....REPEAT.   It was awesome!   Then we ended the fun with a long wait for the Hurricane which was fun and scary.  Oh, and I peed at the top, and all over the people waiting in line below us.  Sorry, Daddy.       D

Lia:  I had a lot of fun at the Wilderness, too.  More than I have in the past because I went on all of the family slides with Mommy and Daddy this time.  I am still a little under the height to go on the slides by myself.  Next time...maybe...since it is not that far off, at the end of the summer. 

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