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Blog - March 2012

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March 27, 2012   

Anthony:  Looking back at this past month, I realized it was particularly busy.  We went to multiple hockey games for both the Wolves and Express.  We had basketball games ourselves.  I started baseball practice.  We went to the zoo.  We said goodbye to Bubba and saw a lot of family in the process.  And the month isn't even over yet...  What will the final days bring?  Stay tuned...

Dominic:  I started hockey "practice" recently, too.  I've had 2 practices so far.  It's just floor hockey and we're just doing drills and stuff, but I am in heaven for that hour every Saturday morning.  We rollerbladed at camp yesterday, too, so I am getting all kinds of practice towards my eventual debut in the NHL in a few years.  My beloved Hawks aren't doing so well lately, though and my favorite player, Jonathan Toews, is still out.  Although I heard he may return before the end of the season. 

Lia:  I cannot WAIT until summer is permanently here.  I say permanently because it was here for a week, then it went away.  I am so determined to wear my summer fashion that I wore a tank top on top of my long sleeve shirt yesterday. 

We're going to try out a new feature here called "On This Date" where we reference a date in Graziani Family blog history and link to it for your enjoyment.  Simple but fun trip down memory lane.  My how far we've come.  Here you go...

On this date in 2007:  Dominic suffered a battle wound and Anthony denied any involvement...or did he? 

March 23, 2012   

Anthony:  We said goodbye to Bubba yesterday.  He did get well enough to go home one last time, which is the way he wanted it.  So, we all went to St. Louis Wednesday night and said one final farewell yesterday.  I got up at his funeral and said a few nice words about him, too.  He was the only great-grandfather we knew and probably the only great-grandparent we will remember since Granny died when I was just a little guy and Lia wasn't even born.  We will miss him and all his funny stories and jokes.  Here's a perfect example of how we'll remember Bubba being silly for a picture.  Well, I was being silly.  There are more pictures from that visit in February 2010 if you click the picture. 

From February 2010

Thanks, Aunt Janie for letting us stay at your house and making all the food yesterday.  It was great....but we were still hungry and stopped at Burger King on the way home last night anyway.  What can I say, we're growing boys. 

:  We all had a good, but short trip to remember Bubba.  I was very curious about the whole process, looking at the pictures, asking questions, but all the while being careful to say "passed away". 

Lia:  I fell asleep half way through the service, but I was good considering all the time we were expected to be on our best behavior.  Hopefully I remember him just a little, too.  I am still having fun in St. Louis with Mommy and the rest of her family. 

March 14, 2012   

Anthony:  Seriously?  3 days in a row with updates?  It is supposed to be 80 degrees today.  I was supposed to toss baseball with Daddy last night, but I was too tired, so we didn't.  Maybe tonight.  Although I always want to ride my bike, too.  Decisions, decisions...  Not enough time in the evening to get in all the things we haven't been able to do for the last 6 months of cold weather. 

On a sad note, we're all thinking of Bubba.  Mommy told us that he's in the hospital and not doing very well, but we're hoping he gets to go back home again soon. 

Dominic:  Did I mention how much I love hockey?  Daddy was busy doing the dishes but I wanted to play against a goalie on the patio.  So, I improvised...with Daddy's help. 

From March 2012

To cap off a good evening of patio hockey followed by some hockey on the Wii, I got to watch the Hawks game...the WHOLE game.  They beat St. Louis in a shoot out and I got to watch the whole thing.  Thanks, Daddy.  Toews is still out, which I am bummed about, but I am starting to know and like a lot of the other players now, too in his absence.  I think I know more of the players than Daddy. 

Lia:  I am so excited about this warm weather.  I wore shorts and a tank top today, but no flip flops.  I got in trouble for wearing them yesterday since they are not allowed at school.  What's a stylish girl to do with such restrictions?    I've had a couple playdates lately, too.  I went to Olivia's house one day.  Then she came to my house.  Then I had Olivia and Madison to my house last weekend.  We had mini sandwiches and juice in pretty glasses. 

Maggie:  We got a new cousin recently...a canine cousin.  Louie is his name.  He lives in Kentucky but I am sure I'll meet him and bite him like I do most other dogs, people, kids...etc...  He kinda looks like me, and I've got a decent weight advantage on him so I should be able to handle him, right?


March 13, 2012   

Anthony:  It's like summer in March all this week!  Daddy and I have been tossing baseball the past 2 evenings in preparation for practices that will be starting soon.  I was drafted by the Mariners this year, which is technically not my rookie year since I played when I was 5, but took a few years off to focus on soccer instead.  Stay tuned for more baseball action in the coming weeks.  My dad keeps reminding me that baseball is a lot more practice and work than either soccer or basketball.

Dominic:  Have I mentioned how much of a sports FREAK I am now?  Hardly a day goes by that I don't wear some sort of Chicago team jersey...mostly one of my 3 or 4 Blackhawks jerseys, and occasionally my D.Rose Bulls jersey, and even more occassionally, my Bears jersey.  If I'm not watching the Blackhawks or the Bulls, then I am playing hockey or basketball in the house, or on the patio.  I comentate my hockey games, either the ones I play on the Wii, or the ones I act out with the mini commemorative hockey sticks I've acquired from Hawks, Wolves, or Express games.  I think it drives Mom and Dad crazy though because of the high pitched voice I use.   "He shoots...he SCORES!"

Lia:  I act like I want to play sports with the brothers, but I prefer to play dress up, change my clothes 10 times a day and generally act sassy. 

March 12, 2012   

Anthony:  We really are going to try to post more than one day this month.  I swear!  It's been a busy month, as always, and the coming months are looking to be even busier.  I am starting baseball soon which Daddy has told me is going to be a lot more work and practice than basketball.  Daddy and I tossed in the front yard yesterday because it was so warm.  It was REALLY warm, actually.  We rode our bikes to the school playground and played basketball earlier in the day.  Spring break is right around the corner for us, and I get the feeling we are going to do something but Mommy and Daddy won't tell us. 

Dominic:  I lost a tooth, finally.  It took some work, including Daddy trying to pull it out, but I finally lost one.  The tooth fairy paid up, too.  One whole dollar!  I had head the going rate was much higher than that, but maybe that's for bigger teeth.  This was just one of my little teeth on the bottom.  I almost lost another tooth right next to it yesterday when I was playing basketball.  Then, I got hit with a baseball later in the day, but not in the face.  Daddy said he was going to hit me with a hockey stick to complete the day of sports injuries, but he didn't.  He was just kidding.   So, basketball is over, but I am going to be starting a hockey class on Saturday mornings soon.  I can't wait.  It's my first step to NHL stardom, and Daddy's retirement plan. 

Lia:  I am going to be in a ballet recital about The Beauty and the Beast.  So, ballet has been about a lot more than just "tippy toe turns".  I like to brag about all the steps and ballet words that I know now.  So, besides ballet, I am all about summer clothes.  That's actually nothing new, but with a couple relatively warm days lately, I have been dressed for the beach.  Daddy thinks I am destined to be a southern California kind of girl....or south Florida.  Whichever.  As long as I can wear summer clothes and be sassy all the time, that's all I care about.