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Blog - March 2007

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March 29, 2007

BG3: I got a checkup of sorts yesterday.  My heart is beating loud and clear.  That's a good start.  Mommy says I am "swimming" around a lot, which, like I said in a previous post, I might as well do while I can.  What do you think my name should be if I am a boy?  Daddy likes Beowulf.  Very strong, very...umm...mythical.  That's how hard it is going to be for them to find a name for me if I am a boy.  I don't even think I know what I am at this point. 

Anthony: Yesterday, I finally got a movie I have been waiting many months to see: Coffee.  Everyone else may know it as Happy Feet, but I have been calling it Coffee ever since I got my very own Coffee at Build-A-Bear back in November.  When it came time to name him, I chose Coffee because that was just my word of the day and it just stuck.  I wasn't very good last night though, so I didn't get to watch much of it.  I fell asleep on the landing between the bedrooms last night because I still refuse to use the nice big boy bed I got a while ago.  Somehow I woke up in the bed though.  I'm not sure how that happened. 

Dominic: I'm still recovering from the injuries I suffered earlier in the week, so I don't have much to say right now.  The cut on my eyelid is healing so it is not as noticeable, and the lump on my forehead is usually covered by my hair, so I don't look as battered as I did...until this weekend, I'm sure, when Anthony decides to body slam me. 

March 28, 2007

BG3: I just realized I have not announced my predicted entry into your world, and I haven't taken much advantage of this forum to have my voice heard.  Well, I guess It's not my world yet.  My world is all warm and cozy and free of stress...except when I hear Mommy yelling, "Anthony Enzo!!!" over and over again most nights, and most mornings, and most of the time in between.  That raises my little blood pressure a little.  Anyway, I am technically expected to be pulled kicking and hopefully screaming into the world on September 15th.  Of course, given the fact that I will be extracted rather than pushed into the world, I may arrive a week sooner than that.  To translate...I am due on 9/15, but will most likely be born a week sooner, unless I decide to come even earlier like my brother, Dominic, whom by the way has a lot of knick-names such as Dominator, which spawned 'Nator, which when spelled Nader resulted in the occasional reference as just Ralph as in Ralph Nader...Green Party candidate for President the past few elections.  I sure know a lot for a 16 week old fetus, except how to properly construct a sentence.  There are quite a few run-ons in this posting alone.  I'll work on that. 

: I prefer to sleep on a little bench in the hallway outside my bedroom.  It's just fun to sleep places other than my comfortable bed.  I don't know why my parents bought me a nice big boy bed when they should know by now that I like to sleep on the floor, in my tent, on the bench, next to their bed where I sometimes surprise them in the middle of the night when Mommy almost steps on me, etc...

March 27, 2007

Anthony: I had nothing to do with the latest battle wound that Dominic incurred.  I just wanted to make that clear.  I was on an entirely different playground at the time.  It doesn't mean I don't have an influence on the toddlers though.  I just may have someone on the inside doing my dirty work...or maybe not.  You decide.   

Dominic: I took a nasty spill today at day care, cracking my noggin on a slide on the playground.  Now I look like a unicorn with a big lump on my forehead.  It is a nice addition to the scratch above my eye, road rash on my cheek and scrapes on my chin from scuffles with Anthony.  Daddy thinks I look like I went a few rounds with Vladimir Klitschko.  He's a boxer.  I didn't know who he was either.  Daddy had to tell me. 

BG3: Hi

March 26, 2007

Anthony: I have a big secret that I refuse to reveal to my parents.  There is something absolutely horrible about going to bed but I cannot tell my Mommy and Daddy what it is.  It's part of the 3 year old code.

Dominic: Anthony better watch out.  He likes to throw me around, push me down, pin me to the ground, put me in choke holds, run by me and hit me, etc, etc...  But I'm drinking milk, and before he knows it I'm going to be as big as him and I may have to get him back for years of big brother abuse. 

BG3: My Mommy can feel me swimming around in here.  It's very roomy right now, but I know I better enjoy it while it lasts.  Pretty soon I may not be able to roll around so much.  Although Anthony did an amazing somersault despite his exceptional size in the final days before the doctor had to go and get him.  

March 22, 2007

Anthony: Disney movies are not always the best learning experiences for me.  Yesterday there was a big thunder storm, just like being in the rainforest.  On our way home from school, Daddy told me to watch for lightning.  So I was looking all over the roads for "Lightning McQueen" from one of my current favorite movies, Cars, but never saw him.  Very disappointing.  He kept saying it was the flashy lights in the sky, and I kept asking, "but where is he"?  I never did see Lightning McQueen and I don't understand why Daddy had to keep reminding me every time there was a flash light in the sky.

:  Mommy and Daddy are liking this daylight savings thing this year.  They thought I was going to be waking up much earlier since I go to bed an hour earlier than usual, but I sleep straight through til they have to wake me some mornings.  Anthony always sleeps and never wants to wake up.

March 21, 2007

Anthony: Paper towels.  That is my latest game that I play.  Every night, when I am fighting about bed time, I ask for a paper towel.  I just like to confuse Mommy and Daddy.  I don't really want a paper towel.  Chicken Pickles.  That's another one of my favorite things to say.  Why, you ask?  Not sure.  It spawned out of some dinner time conversation about what I wanted to eat.  I said I wanted chicken, then pickles, then Daddy asked if I wanted a "chicken pickle". 
After all, there really is nothing funnier than a chicken pickle.

March 20, 2007

Anthony: I like to surprise Mommy and Daddy with the things I say lately.  Most recently, I informed Mommy that she is not allowed to kiss me.  Only Bella at school is allowed to kiss me.  I am quite the Casanova.

Dominic:  I still don't say much, although I am capable.  I just let Anthony do most of my talking for me since he obviously knows exactly what I should be playing with, eating, or doing at any moment.   

BG3: Hi.  First time here.  Nothing much to report right now.  I'll have my second photo shoot on April 26th.  Right now, Daddy still does not want to know what I am. A VERY small part of him wants to know if he will be able to enter us in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament some day, or if I'll be a poor little girl that has to deal with being the little sister to Anthony and Dominic.  I won't be able to bring any boys home until I am 30...IF I am a girl, that is. 

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This is the first entry in the Graziani Family Blog, although there is much more below.  I am using news from previous baby graz web sites to give it a jump start.  The original poster of the entry is listed after each date and before the text since I combined news from Anthony, Dominic (and soon BG3) it was written from their point of view.  You'll see what I mean.