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Blog - February 2012

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February 17, 2012   

Anthony:  Where does the time go?   We have been busy, as always, with school, and basketball, and everything in between.  There are pictures in the February 2012 album from some of our more recent happenings.  We have basketball practice on Monday nights and games on Saturdays.  I got in trouble at school recently for saying "weiner".  I don't know what the big deal was.  I could have said a lot worse.  Daddy said we are not allowed to talk about weiners or balls at school...only at home. 

Dominic:  I had my big performance at school last night.  I have to be honest, though...I don't think the stage is for me.  I did fine, and we got cookies to eat after, so I was happy and my beloved Blackhawks finally one a game after a 9 game losing streak.  I don't think I could stand another loss.  I literally cried myself to sleep after their 9th consecutive loss earlier this week.  We are going to another Chicago Express hockey game tonight, too, and a Chicago Wolves games on Sunday if we're all still up for it. 

Lia: I liked Dominic's performance.  I knew a lot of the songs and sang along with the kids on stage.  I am rather engergetic lately and almost always the last to fall asleep.  I think I am growing, or something.   Uncle Shawn and his friends stayed with us last weekend for one night while Mommy and Daddy were in New York, which was fun.  Then we went to Kaitlyn and Luke's for a sleep over the next night, which is always fun, too.