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Blog - January 2012

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January 8, 2012   

Anthony:  2012 is starting off with a lot of basketball.  Dominic and I are both playing and we love it.  We both scored in our first games yesterday which certainly helps.  I had at least 3 steals but they don't let us breakaway down the court yet.  When they do...watch out.  I am a defensive monster!  I think Mommy and Daddy like watching our basketball a lot more than soccer, too.  Pics, as always, are in the new January 2012 album.

Dominic:  My team is called the Pirates.  Anthony is the Hoosiers, by the way.  Our Saturdays are pretty full with basketball now.  Sometimes are games are back to back.  Other times they are far apart on Saturdays.


Lia:  My ballet started up again yesterday, too.  So, that adds to the already busy Saturdays.   I got measured for my costume for my RECITAL!   I know the brothers and daddy can't wait to go to my recital in the summer.   Who else wants to come see my dancing skills? 

Maggie:  I am doing a little better after I've been on pain meds for a while.  My doc just thinks I hurt my back.  It didn't help that my humans were  overdosing me on anti-inflammatory pain meds that made me a zombie.  Try reading the dosage next time!  YOU are supposed to be the highly evolved animals in this family.  Geesh.