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Blog - January 2011

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January 18, 2011

Lia: I may not have a bobo to console me, but I do have 2 brothers and a couple doggies.  That's right, I sleep in Dominic's bed lately since I can't calm down enough to sleep in my own room.  Even with my new fishy friends in my room (Angelfish named Dora, Boots, Cinderella and Snoopy), I get anxious and upset if I am put to bed in my own bed.  It is working out well so far...as long as Dominic keeps his hands and feet to himself.   

January 17, 2011

Anthony: I can't believe I am in my 8th year of maintaining this web site.  Not bad for a 7 year old.  Of course, I also can't believe how fast time flies, considering it is January 17th and this is our first post for 2011.  It was a fun holiday season.  Nana and Papa visited for Christmas.  Uncle Shawn and Bella were at our house, too.  So, we had a house full and it was fun.  The Nintendo DS was the big surprise this Christmas.  Dominic and I both got one.  We went to the Children's Museum while they were here, which was fun, as always.  More recently, we went sledding with the Mullers, then to Legoland again yesterday.  There are pictures of all of this in albums over on the Pictures page. 

Dominic:  We have chores now.  Last week I had dish duty, which just meant I had clear the dinner table every night.  Anthony had doggy duty, which was just feeding the dogs, and Lia had show duty.  She has to pick up the shoes left at the back door and pile them up in the living room.  If we do our chores 6 out of 7 nights, we get a dollar at the end of the week.  I already asked to spend my dollar, but Mommy reminded us that if we save our dollars for a whole year, we'll have 52 dollars!  I don't think any of us have the self control to save all our dollars for a whole year.   

Lia:  I kicked the habit...mostly.  The "bobo" habit, that is.   It was a rough couple of weeks filled with withdrawal symptoms ranging from sadness and tears to anger, rage and straight up demonic possession.  Daddy was ready to call a priest or the police on multiple occasions over the course of a few long sleepless nights, followed by a few more nights when I woke up confused, forgetting what I was longing for in the first place.  I am proud to say I am 13 days clean today.