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Blog - January 2009

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January 27, 2009       

Anthony:  Busy, busy, busy.  I think we typically start the year off slowly in January though.  Between everyone getting sick but me, and birthday parties for friends, and everything in between, we just don't find the time to write, but we will.

Dominic:  I was sick last week, but I am all better now, except for nose yuck and a cough.  Standard fare for a 3 year old.    

Lia:  I have yet another ear infection but I am happy as ever, other than the usual waking every hour or 2 in the night.  Actually, I cry in my sleep.  It's kind of pathetic.  I am talking more, though, so my little ears must be working.  My current favorite words are "Elmo" and "Bella".  I like to rumble with my brothers, but I also like my dolls, so I'll be a girly Tomboy.  

Maggie:  I went to the doctor (doggie dentist, technically) yesterday, too.  Just to check out my chompers that I had pulled last month after a couple broke.  I am just fine, though.  Almost 8 years old already but still as energetic as a puppy.       

Lucy:  Grrrrrrrrrr!  I growl at Maggie a lot.  We fight a lot more often, too.  I'm just trying to be the dominant one.  I am the younger, bigger, stronger bitch after all (that was a statement of fact and a pun).  She corners me.  I growl.  She stares.  I snap.  She bites.  I bite.  I bleed.  Daddy wipes the blood off the walls.  All a part of our daily routine in the Graziani house lately.  

January 9, 2009       

Anthony:  Where should we start?  Christmas was a whirlwind for all of us.  An awesome Christmas morning with my first big bike, sleds, and more toys and candy than we could ever eat.  No, wait, the candy is long gone already except for a couple remaining candy canes and Hershey kisses.  The rest of Christmas day and night was spent in the car watching movies driving to Nana and Papa's.  Then we had a week full or weird weather and activities.  It was warm, then it rained, then snowed, then cold, then more snow...  We went swimming.  We went bouncing.  We went to a play museum to see my favorite giant.  We saw giant bugs at another museum.  I know there was more, but I am moving on to 2009.  Yes, pictures are coming.  Patience, patience! 

January 8, 2009       

Anthony:  We've got some work to do.  Pictures from Christmas, stories about Christmas...   It's all coming soon.    Sit tight.