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Blog - January 2008

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January 31, 2008

Anthony: Wow, this was a very busy month for the blog.  Hopefully we can keep it up the rest of the year.  I asked for s Christmas gift today already.  Hey there are ony 328 shopping days left.  You can't start too early.   Daddy keeps telling me that there are a lot more holidays in between now and Christmas like Valentines Day and Easter and Arbor Day...  Although a few of those are good and all with candy at a few of them, they all pale in comparison to Christmas.  The rest of the year is just one big countdown to the next Christmas.  

Now let's talk about "Show And Tell".  Every Friday is Show And tell at school.  It's my fravrite day of the week.  I would gladly go to school 7 days a week if every day was Show And Tell.  I even try to turn every day into Show And Tell by trying to bring a toy to school with me.  I was told I could not bring toys every day, but I still fight most mornings to bring a Spiderman or a dinosaur or a stuffed animal with me.  Sometimes I smuggle toys in my pockets.  Other kids do it, so why shouldn't I?  

Dominic: Check out the January album over on the pictures page for some night night pics including a couple with me and my favoriteSpoon dinosaur...my big Boo-Rex.  I tucked him into the covers next to me, then we fell asleep as the Boo-Rex spooned behind me.  Yes, that is the hardwood floor that I am sleeping on.  It is very comfortable, even when I roll off of my pillow and press my face onto the cool surface.  

Lia: I don't think I mentioned that I am still ear infection-free.  I went back Healthy Liato the doctor again just to check and to get the 4 shots that I couldn't get while I had the ear infections.  So, I am all healthy still and happy as ever.  No poopy talk today, but I still think boys are gross.  

Daddy:  Hey, this was the cleanest post all week.  Woo hoo!  Goodbye January.  Hello February.  That means we are just THAT much closer to spring when these kids can get out of the house for more than the 30 seconds in netween the house and the car and vice versa.  

January 30, 2008

Anthony: No graphic poop talk from me today.  It was a two-fer Tuesd...or...uhh...Wednesday, though.  Ok, that's all.

Dominic: No poop talk from me either.  Instead, let me tell you about my current best friend, obsession, and topic of conversation at bed time every night.  I'll have him forever but I can't guarantee that he won't get me in trouble at some point.  I like to show him off to friends and family and I don't mind just hangin' out with him by myself either.  I even say good night to my friend every night before I put him away in my diaper.  Yep, my friend is my penis.  What else? 

Daddy:  Alright, folks.  I said I'd try to shift the topic away from poop, which I did...mostly.  I can't help that another prevailing topic around the house is Dominic's....uhh....self. His teacher even commented on how "aware he is of himself".  This is raising boys.  Anyone out there that just has girls or hasn't been aroun 2 - 4 year old boys lately, it's all about poop and penises. Well, butts, booties, and boogers are generally thrown in as well, but lately it's all about poop and penises.  This is boys.  It's not taught.  It's innate.

Lia: See what I have to listen to all the time?  I know I said this before but BOYS ARE GROSS!    

January 28, 2008

Anthony: I did it again!  I pooped a chicken! [actual quote after realizing he could perceive shapes in his pooh, much like some people see shapes in clouds].  Papaw owes me THREE ice creams now!  [actual quote in a whisper before bed time] Hey Daddy...Daddy....I'm going on a water slide soon.  

Daddy:  Yes you are, Anthony.  Good job.  We are all proud of you and your poopy prowess.  Ok, folks.  I'll try to shift the topic in the next entry.   

January 27, 2008

Anthony: I did it!  I pooped on the potty at home for the first time!  It was HUGE!really big.  Now Papaw said he would buy me 2 ice creams!  For all of you out there that might think it is strange that the blog has been very poop-centric lately, you just don't understand the magnitude of the achievement.  Daddy has been saying, "Good things come to those that poop....on the potty.".   I am just 24 home potty poops from a vacation to a water park.  

January 25, 2008

Anthony: I cant believe I gotfor to thank my cousins for their words of encouragement on the answering machine the other day.  Thank you, Jacob and Maria.  Not much more to say today.  Good night.  

January 24, 2008

Daddy: If you were checking the blog in the last 24 hours, you probably noticed a truncated version of just yesterday's posting in place of the whole January blog.  Sorry about that. Just a technical difficulty that was not realized until this morning.  Pretty pathetic coming from someone with a software quality background.  Anyway, on to the kids...

Anthony: I went to the dentist today.  I am still missing a couple teeth on top (8 total) since birth, and I still have a full set on the bottom (10).  So that's good.  I like the dentist more than any 4 year old child should.  I look forward to it.  You might say I even yearn for the dentist.  Daddy thinks it Toophmight be my calling.  Truthfully, I just like the dentist because I get a goodie bag of stickers, temporary tattoos, and funny plastic rings.  It's really not that bad though.  The nice old man counts my teeth, then cleans them with a funny little tooth brush that tickles my gums.  That's about it.  I was still very good though.  Daddy said he was proud of me.  Some day that might actually mean something to me.  Right now, I just care that I was good enough to get the goodie bag.    

Dominic: Anthony took my raisins!  Toot toot!  Da da da da!  [Actual quote when asked what he wanted to contribute to the blog today].  

Lia: I love my sassy.  Daddy does not like that I love my sassy since he had to deal with Anthony's sassy in the car on the way to work for so long, but I might not be like that.  I might give it up before I am three.  I have to be good when I am this little, right?   Daddy is afraid I might not be so good when I am older since I am so good now.  Not all girls are difficult teenagers, Daddy.  Don't worry about that now.  Just enjoy the fact that I am good now.  

January 23, 2008

Anthony: It was a very momentous day.  I finally got up the nerve to poop on the potty.  That's right.  The big numero dos.  This has been a day 4 years in the making.  1496 days to be exact.  You don't believe me?  Click here for a pict....   Just kidding.  I wouldn't do that, although Daddy emailed a picture of an infamous poo in the middle of the family room and emailed it to a few family members.  I was only 2 and they left me running around without a diaper, thinking that would be incentive enough to go on the potty. Oh, how wrong they were.  Ok, that was a nice trip down Poo Memory Lane.

So, anyway, factoring in the several diaper changes a day when I was a little guy, plus the occasional multi-poo day through my later years and I'd estimate I've gone through about 3500 diapers or more during that time.  I guess I should not stop counting now since I stilNumero Dosl have to figure out the advanced night time skill of holding it, but I have to walk before I can run...or should I say poo before I can.....uhh.... No, wait that would be pee before I can poo.  OK, that's enough potty idioms for now.

This was a solitary event, but I think I like it now that I have overcome the irrational fear.  Would that be poopaphobia or toiletaphobia?  Woops, sorry for the tangents...  When asked about it, I gave graphic detail to Grandma and Papaw including, "It was HUGE!" as I spread my arms as far as I could. Now it wasn't really that huge, but I got a little caught up in the moment describing the wonderful ordeal.  So, what was the secret?  What did it take to get me to poop on the potty?  It's simple.  The promise of a trip to a pool or water park.  That was it.  Water parks, pools, puddles, dog bowls full of water, buckets of water, hoses,  or just about any sizable collection or source of water is enough to encourage me to do just about anything.  Just look at some of the old albums, especially this past Memorial Day weekend at a super water park in Wisconsin, which is somehow the water park capital of the world.   I just don't know why it took Mommy and Daddy so long to figure it out.  So have you heard enough about poo for one day?  Probably. This is just another little snapshot of our world.  Poo is often the topic of conversation at some point in the day.  Did he poo?  Did she poo?   Was is soft?  Was it runny?  What color was it?  How many times was that today?  Did it smell like pistachios?  Ok...NOW I bet you have all had enough of the poo talk.  Good night.  Pleasant poos to you all.      

Dominic: I'm not that far behind you bro.  Ha ha ha.  I said "behind".  At least I didn't say "butt".  Well, now I said it.  That's probably my favorite bad word right now.  Has been for a while.  I like to combine it with the other favorite word and topic of today's blogs, poopy....as in "poopy butt".  It makes Mommy really mad.  But seriously, I am already interested in going on the potty and went today, as a matter of fact.  My teachers said my aim is a little misguided, but I can't help how I am equipped.  It just flies around like a little (relatively) fireman's hose.  At least I sat on the potty and tried.  It's a good start.  I'll master the art soon enough.    

Lia: Boys are gross!

January 22, 2008

Smiley!Lia: Just me today.  I went to the doctor again and I am happy to report that I am finally ear-infection-free for the first time in a while.  Hopefully I will stay that way.  I am as smiley and happy as ever.  Click here to see for yourself.  

January 21, 2008

Dominic: For all of you who cannot wait to see us with our new locks or lack thereof, here you go.  Click here for my latest picture.  

Anthony: No matter how much you cut my hair, it always looks thick and afro-ish.  Please refrain from any Carrot Top jokes.  I'm sure I'll get plenty when I get older, unless I lose my hair, which although as thick as a brillo pad now, will likely fall out eventually if genetics prove accurate.  Click here for MY latest picture.

Lia: If you want to see all of us....seriously.... click here.  

January 20, 2008

Dominic: Daddy inflicted the worse possible torture imaginable on us yesterday.  The dreaded haircut was Daddy's devious method of choice.  I look like a different kid.  Anthony did better than the last haircut but still fought tooth and nail after me.  He knew he had little cakes waiting to reward him for enduring the torture though so that probably helped.  

Anthony:  Being sooooooo cold this weekend, we never left the house.  How cold was it?  The few times Daddy had to go out such as for work on Saturday or to the store today he came back saying lots of bad words referring to the cold.  That's how cold.  5 below zero was about as cold as it got without the wind.  15 or 20 below with the wind.  I guess that's cold.  I don't really know.  I still asked to go outside a couple of times.  So today was pretty fun, even for having been inside for a couple days in a row.  We got all of our toys out and dumped them in the middle of the family room.  Then Mommy and Daddy spent most of the day putting them all back in containers.  They say we'll appreciate it when we can find the toys we want when we want them, but I didn't see what the problem was in the first place.  Anyway...we found toys we forgot we had all day long.    

Lia: Doing better but not quite 100%.  I know we haven't posted any pictures since Christmas.  We will...sooner or later.  Just keep reading.  We'll try  to keep it interesting.  So, any new readers this week?  Anyone?  Anyone?    

January 17, 2008

Dominic: When someone calls my name and I am in another room, you'll hear my say, "I coming.  I coming."  Mommy thinks it's very funny.  I don't know why.  I also say "What's wrong?" a lot.  Mommy thinks that's cute, too.  Not sure why.  I also say hi to Miss Keisha in the morning at school by saying, "Hi baby".  Yeah, I'm smooth.  Lately we play a game and sing a song about Rosies.  I don't know all the words, but I like to say Rosies, then wait in anticipation of the fall DOOOOWN part.  Then I say, 
"Mo' Rosies!
Mo' Rosies!".

Anthony:  I'm still doing pretty well on the potty.  Still no poop, so please send me suggestions how I can overcome my fear.  Is anyone else out there reading this.  Our readership has not increased any more.  Do we have any random strangers reading out there?  Anyone that just finds our funny little family and our daily antics somehow entertaining?     

Lia: I am still sick.  Double ear infection.  The usual for a little baby like me. It's starting to really hurt now.  I am not as smiley as usual and I scream for no reason.  I'm getting the really good meds now though, so hopefully this bacteria just goes away already.  I hear that both of my brothers went through similar ear infections so I'm sure I'll be fine eventually.  

January 15, 2008

Dominic: Miss Robyn came over tonight while Mommy and Daddy went out (see yesterday's entry).  We love Miss Robyn.  She's our favorite person right now.  Hey, Miss Robyn, if you are reading this right now, guess what..."Ssssssss.....p....ihderman".  

Anthony:  We just found out that our readership is actually 25% greater than originally estimated.  Hi Michele....our 25% increase.  Thanks for reading.

Lia: I am rolling over from my belly to my back consistently now.  Mommy had a hard time getting me to stay on my tummy long enough to get my 4 month pictures on Sunday.  I am feeling better...mostly, although it doesn't help when Daddy accidentally turns off the furnace on an exceptionally cold night and wakes up to a brisk 56 degree house at 3:00 A.M.  Woops.      

January 14, 2008

Dominic: So we have a captive audience of 3 at thedays ago.  Is there anyone else out there, other than our Grandmas and Lauren?  Any complete strangers that somehow stumbled on our little corner of the web and enjoy reading our daily antics?  Is there something else we can do to increase our readership?  Not that we really care, because we figure this is mostly for our grandparents and other out-of-town family...which is all of our family but Aunt Emily and Uncle Shawn.  That's Mommy and Daddy's fault.  They moved away from their Mommy and Daddies to go to school and find jobs and stuff.  We would like to see our families more often, of course, but we understand too.  Speaking of Mommy and Daddy...tomorrow is the anniversary of the day they met.  Do you know how long ago that was?  10 years.  I've heard the story a million times...mostly from Mommy, so don't think this is strange that a 2 year old knows the details of how his parents met.  Actually, Daddy wouldn't even know the day if Mommy didn't remind him.  Daddy says Daddies only need to remember one anniversary.  Anyway, I'll let Anthony tell the rest of the story.  He's heard it a few more times.  

Anthony: Thanks, Donimic.  So, Mommy and Daddy met 10 years ago tomorrow at their school called Xavier.  I think it's like my school, but a little bigger and the kids drink a lot more "Daddy's Pop" than they do at my school.  So, here's how it goes...  Mommy and Daddy had a friend that they both knew that introduced them to each other at a nice little establishment called "Dana's".  I think it's a place where people just drink lots of "Daddy's Pop" from the sound of some of their other stories that start with, "We were at Dana's when...".   This place must be really really dark too because Daddy thought Mommy had dark hair.   He thought he was short, too.  It must have been really loud, too, because he had to ask Mommy's name again at the end of the night.  To make a much longer story short, for the sake of this blog, here's how it went:  
They met at Dana's...
Daddy had to ask Mommy her name at the end of the night...
His exact words were "Name and number", because he had no idea this would be the girl that he would eventually marry and figured he wouldn't need to know her name until he realized he might want to see her again by the end of that first night...
He called her the next day thinking she was a short girl with dark hair...
They met many more times at Dana's...
Mommy moved to Chicago...
Daddy follwed a year later...
They got married, had us, moved to the burbs, and now Mommy and Daddy take turns sitting on a bench outside our rooms while we fall asleep on the hardwood floor playing with cars and spidermans.  Just think, Daddy...10 years ago tonight, you had no idea what you were about to get into.  

Lia: Thanks for the story, bros. 

Maggie:  Don't forget us in the story.  I was, and always will be the first baby...although canine in nature, but still a baby.  My humans stopped leaving me because I was so darn cute and hard to leave, even for a few hours.  The fact that I made meals out of my lady human's shoes when they'd leave me alone probably had something to do with it, too though. 

Lucy:  And I was the first sign of the chaos that would soon ensue with the addition of the second little boy human.  You can't forget that.  I know I'm lucky to be with this family.  If my humans had thought for 5 more minutes about the very thought of moving to the burbs, getting me AND having another little human at about the same time, they probably would have left me on the farm in Wisconsin where they got me.  I don't think they regret it now though, although I certainly made it a little more difficult at the time.  I love my humans...especially the little humans that shovel their unwanted food (most of it) to me under the table.  I'm really not fat, though, no matter how much you might think it.  I'm just big boned and look much bigger next to my relaitvely scrawny aunt (although more like my sister), Maggie Moo Merry Muffin of Love.  That's her full name, in case you didn't know.  Sorry, Maggie.  The secret's out.  Yes, my name (more affectionate than official) is Lucy Lou Larry Luffin of Love.  Yes, the Luffin part was just to rhyme with the Muffin in Maggie's name.  I know it doesn't make sense.   

Frogs & Fish:  Ribbit, ribbit.  Blub blub.  [Just kidding.  I couldn't possibly begin to write from an amphibian or fully aquatic animals' point of view.  Plus we're on about our 10th frog and hundredth fish.  So none of the previous animals in this category would have had many complimentary things to say about our family since they all died...most of natural causes (I consider cannibalism a natural cause) in my defense.]

January 13, 2008

Dominic: We went to our friend Maddux's yesterday.  I played with his vacuum for about 5 hours straight.  No kidding.  I love vacuums.  I often help Daddy vacuum with my own little vacuum.  We were so tired after all that play at Maddux's that we all fell asleep on the way home.  Just us kids, of course.  Mommy and Daddy stayed awake, i think. All I know if I woke up at about 8:00 this morning after falling asleep in the car the night before.     

Anthony: I love mow-melon.  Mommy keeps telling me it's called WATERmelon, but I insist on calling it mow-melon.  I could probably eat an entire mow-melon, I like it so much.  I mean Mommy has to take it away before I eat the green part.  That's how much I like it.  I eat 'Lope like that too...all the way to the brown part on the 'Lope.  

Lia: I got my picture taken today, so stay tuned for a gallery of my latest glamour shots.  I took the traditional fist under the chin, senior picture pose as well as the ever sassy glance back over the shoulder.  Just kidding.  They are the usual tummy time and shot down at me laying on my back.  I look cute no matter what.  

January 10, 2008

Maggie: I'm a crackhead.  Well not crack like humans smoke.  Technically, Hooked on Ronithey're called "Pup-Peroni", but on the street and between the yards amongst the neighborhood dogs they're known as, "P's", "PP's", "Pups" or just "Roni". Just one and you're hooked.  8, 10 hits a night.  That's what me and Lucy are up to currently.  But we're not addicts.  We can stop.  We only use the lean Ronis so they're not that bad for us.  Occasionally we mix it up with a Greenie.  I even prefer to mix the 2 in a Green-Pup cocktail called a "2-Bone", or "Gr'oni".  I was bouncing off the walls tonight while my human was trying to put the little humans to sleep.  I literally rolled down the stairs.  I'm ok, though.  I can do anything on the Roni, then I crash along with my little humans.  They fell asleep a little sooner tonight, in case you were wondering.  My littlest human is feeling even better today, too.           

January 9, 2008

Lia: I am feeling better lately.  I fooled Mommy and woke her up at 1:30 but I think she thought it was much later...or earlier...whichever way you want to think of it.  So I got almost an entire night to sleep with Mommy and Daddy again last night.  Other than a litle congestion I am smiley as ever.  

Anthony: I have had a few accident-free days at school this week.  I have been going on the potty every time.  Just pee, of course.  Does anyone out there have any advice for me?  How can I get over my fear of pooping on the potty?  Is anyone out there?  Who reads this anyway?  Can I see a show of hands?  Make that a digital show of hands by emailing us at grazfamily@gmail.com.  We've had that email address for about a year, but it is seldom used since we have had a few other email addresses over the years such as baby_graz@yahoo.com and baby_graz_2@yahoo.com.  Then we abandoned the baby_graz theme and just went with grazfamily@gmail.com, even though it was only used once to announce the video return to our web site.  Anyway...I have to go to sleep now.  We are almost asleep at 8:58 PM. Some day we'll fall asleep IN OUR ROOMS before 9:00.  
Keep dreaming, Daddy.

Dominic: Hi.  My name is Mick.  My brother's name is Nantnee.  My sister's name is Ee-ah.    

January 8, 2008

Lia: I wish I could sleep.  I try but wake up all congested.  My brothers never want to sleep.  I don't understand.  

Anthony: The Christmas 2007 album is finally ready.  My 4th birthday pictures are with it, too.  You may think that is unfortunate because my birthday sort of blends with Christmas, but I think it is awesome.  The entire month of December is one big preparation for the final 10 days of excitement.  So, here you go.  See the new album here.  

Dominic: Daddy brought home Smi-men today after work.  Why, you ask this soon after Christmas?  Well, Anthony got 2 black smi-men and I got a red Smi-man.  So, naturally, this created a conflict.  It was just easier for Daddy to get me a black Smi-man.  He got Anthony a red Smi-man, too.  Daddy's nice.  I don't know why I torture him by never sleeping.  I just do.  It's what I do.  Otherwise I am still a very good little boy.  

January 7, 2008

Lia: I rolled over today.  Not only did I rolll over, but I did the difficult roll from my back to my belly.  Yeah, I'm advanced for my age.  At this rate, I should be walking in a few more months, then out of diapers before Anthony, then reading, then my wedding...  Sorry, Daddy.  Start saving.    

Anthony: Daddy said we gave him a gray hair today.  I don't memember giving him a hair, but he usually says we just give him pains in places I can't say.

Dominic: I love Smi-man.  Red Smi-man, Black Smi-man, even Lello Smi-man, even though there is no Lello Smi-man.  I have the red Smi-ManSmi-man that Nantnee got for his bithday but gave to me.  I keep losing his head.  I pull it right off then lose it.  I keep crying to Mommy and Daddy, "Smi-man's Head!".  Last night Daddy searched my whole room and found Smi-man's head under my bed.  He put his head back on even though he had drawn a funny face on the nub where his head goes.  Then he asked me if I was going to pull his head off again, so of course I said, "Yep.  He asked me a few more times and I kept saying, "Yep".  I did not take his head off until today again.  I still don't sleep by the way.  Nope.  I just don't sleep.  Neither does Anthony.  We are partners in crime, but sometimes he is not nice and I cry, then we play a little more, then I cr, then eventually we fall asleep, later and later and later.      

January 6, 2008

Lia: I went to the doctor yesterday for my 4 month checkup.  16 pounds 7 Sweet Cheeksounces and 26 inches.  Those are the good details.  Unfortunately I still have a double ear infection so I am back on the antibiotics.  I am such a good girl though that I don't even fuss despite the ear infection.  I'm pretty much all smiles most of the time.  Daddy calls me "Cheeks" and "Sweet Cheeks". Hopefully that doesn't last too long.  On a side note...much to Daddy's dismay, I am taking to a pacifier now.  I don't require it like Anthony did, but it has helped calm me a few times this weekend.  If you want to see a few more pics of me with pig tails, click here.

: I went to the doctor, too.  I got 3 holes in my arm and I peed in a cup....and a little on Mommy.  I am 43 pounds and 42.5 inches tall.  I've been wearing underwear a lot lately with a couple of accidents here and there.

Dominic: I did not go to the doctor.  I stayed home with Daddy and helped clean up messes still made around Mismas.  All of the Santas and other decorations are being put away. We still ask to watch Mismas movies though.   

January 3, 2008

Lia: Well it was not quite a month since our last post.  What can we tell you...   Christmas was fun.  We have lots of pictures that we still need to upload and we will, in time.  I've had a cough and a couple ear infections.  All standard fare for a little girl like me.  

Anthony: I had my first all potty day at school.  I wore big boy underwear all day with NO ACCIDENTS.  I didn't poop on the potty, of course. That is far too difficult and scary.  I almost gotfor to tell you about MY Christmas.  Santa came and brougt me everything I wanted this year.  I got the cool race track and lots of other stuff.  I ate an entire candy cane full of chocolate kisses.  That's it.  That's all I ate the whole day.  A few days later Daddy left us.  Well, not really, just for about a day for a wedding.  He flew on an airplane early before we even woke up and came back a little later the next day.  He was really tired for a few days.  He's old.  I think he had too many Daddy's pops.  Miss Robyn came to watch us the night Daddy came back while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner for their anniversary.  Miss Robyn is my fravrite teacher and probably my fravrite person right now.      

Dominic: I am the difficult one lately.  Yep.  Proud of it.  I don't like to sleep.  Neither does Anthony.  We don't sleep.  We fight sleep.  We hate sleep.  We'll do anything to keep from sleeping.