Why the cars?  It's the Enzo.  The Ferrari Enzo.  Technically it is called the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, but is more
commonly known as just the Enzo.  It is unofficially my namesake, but Mommy doesn't like to say I am named
after a car.  Daddy says I am not named after the car, but the man that the car was named after, and it
just goes so well with my name.  Don't you agree?  Here is a link to the source for more information. 
I cannot link directly to the page about the Enzo, so go to the link, choose English (unless you speak Italian or
German) and look under
Cars | Yesterday | Road | Recent Models | 2002 Enzo Ferrari.

Do you miss my old web site formats?  Wanna take a stroll down memory lane? 
Here you go...  There are no links.  Just the home pages.
Baby Graz (2003)
             Baby Graz 2.0 (2004)

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